No Substitutions

Saturday night. Its 2 AM, I just walked back into the house after having spent a couple of minutes outside….what can I say, I love me a starry sky. I’ll be needing a movie and a cup of coffee (insomniac remember).

Here I am, watching this brilliantly curved plot about this woman who’s diagnosed with a terminal illness. The doctor gives her a couple of weeks to live and so she decides to blow her savings on this vacation. The movie is called “Last Holiday” by the way.

But where am I going with this

At the hotel, she interacts with a few people who make acquaintance with her because she’s “rich” and well, she’s funny with pure soul ( Queen Latifah plays lead). At dinner one night, the chef prepares a table for her and her friends with his finest delicacies and as he comes to serve the meal, he says “No Substitutions”.

The rest you’ll have to discover. Go watch the movie.

Meanwhile, care to indulge.

No Substitutions.


A lot of times we are victims of poor health choices. Let’s face it, some of us can’t have a meal without meat in it and believe me, I do not blame you one bit. What is life without meat…? But that’s not the point


I’m here to give you a few tricks on how to make substitutions/ replacements for meals that will still leave you licking your chops…

  1. Salt

Now common table salt is good for the body and what not but too much of it is a health risk. An advisable replacement for your common salt would be sea salt. Although slightly higher priced, it happens to be all natural and less processed as compared to table salt. It also contains magnesium and has less sodium content. Sea salt is perfect for cooking due to its large granules and well, sodium content.

2. Meat.

First of all, shame on you for thinking I’d advise you to use Soy meat…

I have nothing against soy meat but why does it taste so………..chewy and unrealistic.

This is especially for all you red-meat junkies,

You have two options here

a) Go white-meat. If you can. The struggles of purchasing, cooking and what not are very real. Trust me. But, white meat is lower in fat and happens to be an excellent source of protein.

b) Use other legumes as sources of protein. Peas and beans are excellent sources of protein and well, fairly cheaper.

Now, I’m not telling you to fully abandon red meat, God no! You still need to live my friend. All there is to it is this, vary your protein choices, it’s more beneficial for you,health wise.


3. Coffee

I’m killing you here, aren’t I?

But, I have to.

I can never tell you to absolutely abandon our first love like that but, we have to start from somewhere.

Going back to tea or what not is…well, outrageous, though it’s very good for you.

Have your cup o’ coffee in the morning and in between your day, slip in a yogurt or lemon tea instead. It balances out the caffeine levels in your systems in totality and in time, you’ll be vaguely caffeine dependent. Drop the number of cups you consume also,or the amounts all together.

Trust me on this, it’ll be completely worth it.

The results of course are not automatic but ladies and gentlemen I don’t want to have a stroke at 30.


On to other news,

Let’s see you at #PizzaFriday today.


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  1. BrainsArtHeart says:

    nice article..always full of humor and insight.
    You going literary..London si karibu.

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  2. MBUNGE says:

    I have never heard of sea salt hehehe
    But now i have and i will look for it.
    All thanks to The Joint Africa.
    Now now now……. Drop meat and substitute with beans? Maybe when am not having ugali hehehe.

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  3. Kwanzu Everlyne says:

    Frankly I am not a meat person I enjoy a good plate of beans..although it does have it’s demerits; old tales. But I do get the substitution bit. Some choices about the food we eat actually impact our health more than anything while we much to oblivion. For example; butter, margarine, ghee(i know who does that right?) peanut butter, gluten so I advocate for substitutes as long as I don’t have to eat as flat as cardboard, I mean, what is food without some character right?

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    1. MissRobi says:

      Articulate. Point taken home


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